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  1. bhatti44
    Urdupages ak bhatren world ha
  2. bhatti44
    Tamam members ko salam
  3. Zia Ul Qamar Malik
    Zia Ul Qamar Malik
    Hi salam member kindly send me your notes about computer and also health and physical education m.a notes I have done my m.a
  4. zesha38
    zesha38 zaalim
    Sir , magical tracks or jadu seekhna hy
  5. bhatti44
    I am new in urdu pages koi wel com ni ha
  6. bhatti44
  7. Sohail Nawaz
    Sohail Nawaz
    Your time whch goes in such try will be the reason of magfirat in shaa ALLAH....
  8. Sohail Nawaz
    Sohail Nawaz
    Think about those who don't know how this system runs and for those who admit there is one power but they don't know who is that.. Help them
  9. Sohail Nawaz
    Sohail Nawaz
    There is no God but ALLAH who created this universe and runs it without any mistake, Alhamdolillah we r Muslims and we know who is God...
  10. Sohail Nawaz
    Sohail Nawaz
    Bolo to acha bolo shaid aap bhol b jao lakin koi apki pyari baat ka asar aisa le ly k uski zindagi tak badal jaye...
  11. Sohail Nawaz
    Sohail Nawaz zaalim
    Ye kahan gia isko kuch kehna tha
  12. My ID
    My ID Sana Safdar Mehmood
  13. My ID
    My ID eyezsharp
  14. Muhammadbilal22
    buy Instagram followers
  15. Muhammadbilal22
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  16. Sana Safdar Mehmood
    Sana Safdar Mehmood me here
    Yup, After 2 years :p
  17. Muhammad Qaxim
    Muhammad Qaxim
    Dear Admin Myself Muhammad Qaxim and a professional graphic Designer.I want to share my experience with all the visitor of this site.Thanks
  18. wajahat
    wajahat Admin
    all news wrote by me. and i use urdupages since 2003-4 ,, and i am really very thankful to Urdu Pages Admin and team who provide excellent service free of cost around the world for urdu readers.God give you long and healthy life
    and your perform such beneficial things for Urdu Readers .1-Short Hand Course ,2-Ofice,3-Adobe photoshop,4-CEO and other numbers of course are asset of
  19. wajahat
    wajahat Admin
    Respected Sir

    Kindly allow my news No in your website.
    1. Admin
      You can publish news which are your own.
      Jan 5, 2017
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  20. Numan Ijaz
    Numan Ijaz
    I'm Numan Ijaz,Founder of working online YouTube and Own Blog :)