Acronyms and Shorthand

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    Acronyms and Shorthand
    The first emotional indicators in newsgroups and e-mail were acronyms designed to give readers clues to the attitude and intent of the sender. Acronyms also quickly developed as keyboarding shortcuts. Use of acronyms is particularly prevalent in instant messaging, primarily to maintain the pace of real-time conversation.

    Acronyms Text Meaning
    AAMOF as a matter of fact
    AAR at any rate
    ADN any day now
    AFAIK as far as I know
    AFK away from keyboard
    AFKBRB away from keyboard, be right back
    ASAP as soon as possible
    A/S/L age/sex/location
    B2W back to work
    B4N or BFN (bye for now )
    BAK back at keyboard
    BBL be back later
    BBS be back soon
    BCNU be seeing you
    BF(or B/F) boyfriend
    BMN but maybe not
    BRB be right back
    BTDT been there, done that
    BTDTBTT been there, done that, bought the tape
    BTDTGTTS been there, done that, got the t-shirt
    BTDTGTTSAWIO been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and wore it out
    BTW by the way
    BYKT but you knew that
    CIO cut it out
    CMIIW correct me if I’m wrong
    CU(or CYA) see you
    CUL (or CUL8R) see you later
    DIY do it yourself
    DYJHIW don’t you just hate it when
    EAK eating at keyboard
    EOL end of lecture
    EOM end of message
    F2F (or FTF) face to face
    FAPP for all practical purposes
    FOFL (or FOTFL) falling on the floor laughing
    FTR for the record
    FWIW for what it’s worth
    FYA for your amusement
    FYEO for your eyes only
    FYI for your information
    g (or <g>) grin
    G (or <G>) big grin
    G2G (or GTG) got to go
    GAL get a life
    GD&H grinning, ducking, and hiding
    GD&R grinning, ducking, and running
    GD&RVVF grinning, ducking, and running, very, very fast
    GF (or G/F) girlfriend
    GG gotta go (or good game)
    GIWIST gee, I wish I said that
    GMTA great minds think alike
    GoAT go away, troll
    HAK hugs and kisses
    HAGD have a great day
    HAND have a nice day
    HEH a courtesy laugh
    HHOS ha-ha, only serious
    HTH hope this helps (or hope that helps)
    IAE in any event
    HW homework (or hardware)
    IANAL I am not a lawyer
    IC I see
    ICBW I could be wrong (or it could be worse)
    IDTS I don’t think so
    IINM if I’m not mistaken
    IIRC if I recall correctly
    IIUC if I understand correctly
    IMCO in my considered opinion
    IME in my experience
    IMHO in my humble opinion
    IMNSHO in my not-so-humble opinion
    IMO in my opinion
    IOW in other words
    IRL in real life
    ISTM it seems to me
    ISWYM I see what you mean
    ITRW in the real world
    J (or <J>) joking
    JC just chillin’
    JIC just in case
    JK (or J/K) just kidding (or that was a joke)
    JTYWTK just thought you wanted to know
    JW just wondering
    K okay
    KWIM know what I mean?
    L (or <L>) laughing
    L8R later
    LJBF let’s just be friends
    LOL laughing out loud
    LTNS long time no see
    MHBFY my heart bleeds for you
    MHOTY my hat’s off to you
    MOTAS member of the appropriate sex
    MOTD message of the day
    MYOB mind your own business
    NBD no big deal
    NBIF no basis in fact
    NOYB none of your business
    NP no problem
    NRN no response necessary (or no reply necessary)
    OIC oh, I see
    OM oh my (or old man, as in husband)
    OOI out of interest
    OOTB out of the box
    OTL out to lunch
    OTOH on the other hand
    OTTH on the third hand
    PAW parents are watching
    PC politically correct
    PDA public display of affection
    PEST please excuse slow typing
    PI (or PIC) politically incorrect
    PKB(or P/K/B) pot, kettle, black (or pot calling the kettle black)
    PMBI pardon my butting in
    PMFJI pardon me for jumping in
    POS parent over shoulder (or parents over shoulder)
    POV point of view
    PPL people
    PTB powers that be
    R (or r) are
    REHI re-hello (following a short time away) (or hi again)
    RFC request for comment
    RL real life
    ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing
    ROTFLOL rolling on the floor laughing out loud
    RSN real soon now
    S (or <S>) smile
    SCNR sorry, could not resist
    SITD still in the dark
    SOP standard operating procedure
    SPMD some people may differ
    SUP what’s up?
    TBE to be expected
    THX(or TX) thanks
    TIA thanks in advance
    TANJ there ain’t no justice
    TIC tongue-in-cheek
    TPHB the pointy-haired boss
    TPTB the powers that be
    TTBOMK to the best of my knowledge
    TTFN ta-ta for now
    TTYL talk to you later
    TVM thanks very much
    TVMIA thanks very much in advance
    TYVMIA thank you very much in advance
    U you
    UW you’re welcome
    VBG very big grin
    WB welcome back
    WCD what’s cookin’ doc?
    WHBT we have been trolled
    WOA work of art
    WRT with regard to (or with respect to)
    WTG way to go
    WTH what the heck?
    Y (or <Y>) yawning
    YHBT you have been told (or you have been trolled)
    YHBW you have been warned
    YHGMTPOTG (you have greatly misinterpreted the purpose of this group )
    YHM you have mail
    YMMV your mileage may vary
    YOYO you’re on your own
    YWSYLS you win some, you lose some
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