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Discussion in 'Adobe Photoshop' started by TheMask, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. jamatul-muslimeen

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  2. Master-Mind

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    Mr. Mask your are master
  3. Master-Mind

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  4. Master-Mind

    Master-Mind New Member

    well done
  5. Master-Mind

    Master-Mind New Member

    Very good

    You are master in the fild of grafix:eek:
  6. TariqRaheel

    TariqRaheel New Member

    ap ki thread waqai bht achi hai
    kafi kuch sikhne ko mila is se mujhe
    bht arsa se talash thi

  7. Aajnabee

    Aajnabee New Member

    Bohet Hi Zaberdast.. Thanks
  8. iwantyou565

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  9. zahidmahmood

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    دی ماسک، بہت عمدہ، زبردست​
  10. singer_zuhaib

    singer_zuhaib New Member

    walaikum salam,jazakAllah bhai...........
  11. Johan King

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    Informative material is helping build professional skill...

    Keep it up "MASK MAN"
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    MAYALER New Member

  13. 7-STAR

    7-STAR New Member

    very nice sharing janab
    thank you
  14. najam47

    najam47 New Member

    Very good janab...
    Jazak ALLAh
  15. Mera kashmir

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    <font face="jjameel noori kasheeda"><span style="font=size:3em;color:green;text-shadow:0px 2px red;">آپکا شکریہ بھائی مگر آپ مجھے بتا سکتے ہیں کہ فوٹو شاپ پر اینمیٹڈ جی آئی ایف کیسے بنائیں۔</span></font>
  16. Mera kashmir

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    <font face="jjameel noori kasheeda;">شکریہ آپکا </font>

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