Adobe Class 17

Discussion in 'Adobe Photoshop' started by TheMask, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. bushrataj

    bushrataj New Member

    very nice
  2. Abufares

    Abufares New Member

    Nice Tutorial ...

    Thanks Brother
  3. jamatul-muslimeen

    jamatul-muslimeen New Member

  4. Master-Mind

    Master-Mind New Member

    Yaar you are rocking

    keep it up;)
  5. Master-Mind

    Master-Mind New Member

    Please make the think easier

    Make some more understand able lesson well done:eek:
  6. Master-Mind

    Master-Mind New Member

    Yaar u wing the heart of master mind

    when ur next lesson will be upload:)
  7. kashmiri_munda

    kashmiri_munda New Member

  8. Tayyab Ayaz

    Tayyab Ayaz New Member

    Nice Thanks.
    Tayyab Ayaz
  9. zahidmahmood

    zahidmahmood Member

    weldone good

    MAYALER New Member

    asan hai

    MAYALER New Member

  12. na_de_em7

    na_de_em7 New Member

    nice sharing...
  13. attitud3_

    attitud3_ New Member

  14. 7-STAR

    7-STAR New Member

    very nice sharing janab
    thank you
  15. najam47

    najam47 New Member

    Very good janab...
    Jazak ALLAh
  16. brainwave74

    brainwave74 New Member

    I have learnt Magic Wand Tool from your lecture. Please keep on sharing such a nice stuff.
  17. 7-STAR

    7-STAR New Member

    واہ ۔کیا بات ھے ۔
    بہت اچھا لگا اپ کا تھریڈ پڑھ کر
    اپ کابے حد شکریہ

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