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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by pasha4all, May 20, 2006.

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  2. arkifi

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    nice sharing janab, iss site ki sy world ranking keya karain site ka immage b deya karain tou aap k kaam main mazeed nikhar aieeee gaa

    however nice sharing next thread ka wait rahy ga
  3. kutkutariyaan

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    Bhai app Tention keu letey hain? :D

    Me screen shot de deta hoon...

    screen shot of mustakbil.jpg
  4. pasha4all

    pasha4all Well-Known Member

    Iftikhar bai comments denay ka bahut bahut shukria.main screen shot share kernay hi wala tha meray khyal main thori deer ho gai.
  5. naveed792

    naveed792 New Member - Updated Screenshot

    Attached is the updated screenshot of home page. also offers:

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    • Email your resumes using your account to different companies that are not a member of by just providing their email address.
    • Quickly search online jobs database to find the jobs of your interest.
    • Track your job applications online for quick reference.
    • Free resources for personal grooming.
    • 24/7 online customer support.

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    Latest Jobs in Pakistan - RSS Feed also offers Free RSS Feed for latest job sin Pakistan.

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  7. naveed792

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    Good News for web developers - Display latest jobs in Pakistan on your website

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  8. pasha4all

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    Naveed bai is site kay mutalik mazeed tabsaray ka bahut bahut shukria.
  9. jhelumcity

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    it`s nice sharing bahi thansk
  10. Softgrip

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    Tenshion Na Lo Brother Hamary Pass H

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