English Course - Lecture 1 .

Discussion in 'English Course' started by Admin, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Qaisar51214

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    Best of Luck

    REALFRIEND New Member

    boht boht shukria
  3. huma1985

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    good information
  4. Bangro

    Bangro Online Writing & Marketing Student

    ماشاء اللہ بھائی بہت عمدہ سلسلہ شروع کیا۔
  5. ماشاء اللہ عرفان بھائی بہت عمدہ سلسلہ شروع کیا۔ اللہ اپ کو جزائے خیر دیں۔
    پر میں اس میں حصہ کیسے لے سکتا ہوں؟؟؟
  6. azizamin

    azizamin New Member

    english speaking

    I want to learn English speaking is that posibal?
  7. zakir375

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    I appreciate your efforts, but I want to continue this course. Thanks.
  8. khamees

    khamees New Member

    very very good.
  9. junaiddps

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    Very Googd Admin
  10. Rajab Ali

    Rajab Ali New Member

    Thanks alot sir this is a wonderful way of sharing knowldge and provide knowldge to others
  11. zunairzeny

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    Thanks for nice information

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