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Discussion in 'Gupshup' started by Wakeel Ahmed, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. Wakeel Ahmed

    Wakeel Ahmed Member

    Start with the name of allah who is the most banifaction and merciful
    Salam To All my friends
    Today iam start a new Thread
    i hope u like My New thread
    for learning english easily
    if u want to get any other information about english than conect with me
    Here I Found SOme English Nots
    To understand english grammar
    and Inshallah if u word hard u will be able to speak english only 100 day 100% persent iam also read this nots and i wanna share this nots to you in that resion u will learn english so now come to the point today iam send u only 2 nots than iam send u after some time ok so keep it up now and send me ur views
    By Khuda Hafiz


  2. kamran hussain

    kamran hussain New Member

    Asalam o ALikum...I hope that u will be fine..Dear Wakeel Ahmed Thank u so much for sratring this Thread..I like ur workand also the way of writing Tread.
    I pray to GOD for you that HE give you all the blessings of life.
    Take Care..ALLAH HAFIZ
    Your Brother,
    Kamran Shahrukh
    03007149783 , 03216180509
  3. yasinmemon

    yasinmemon New Member

    thanks for this tharade i think so is good.......... yasin 0300 2142285
  4. abdulwahabkath

    abdulwahabkath WDC Student

    As Salam-O-Alaikum
    Wakeel Ahmed bhai:) thank u so much 4 starting thiz thread:)
    Allah Bless You:)
  5. designer

    designer New Member

    bohut achi sharing thanks......
  6. Ansir

    Ansir New Member

    very nice sharing.
    thanx brother, keep it up!
  7. JaanKaash

    JaanKaash New Member

    bohat hi umda course.....per brother yeh course mein ne kuch webforums and website per phele se dekha howa hai un k background mein koi logo bhe nahi hai....app samaj rahy hain na k mein kis website ki baat ker raha hoon....app ki baqi class ka intizar rahy ga yeh 100 + class hain rember brother
  8. friend4all

    friend4all New Member

  9. Mazhar gohuri

    Mazhar gohuri Online Writing & Marketing Student

    Very Nice Keep it up :D

    Han yeh to main bhe janta hon per yar yeh bhe ache koseh hey urdupages ko permote karney ki;) bohet he achey
  10. tahir ahmad

    tahir ahmad UP lover

    اس طرح سے پڑھنے سے بہت ہیکم لوگ انگلش سیکھ سکتے ہیں
    میں بتاتا ہوں طریقہ
    کوشش آپ کریں
    بہت جلد انگلش آ جاے گی اور وہ بھی
    امریکن،آسٹریلین یا برٹش لہجے کے ساتھ
    آپ لوگ جو انگلش سیکھنا چاہتے ہیں ایسا کریں
    ایک انگریزی کی فلم یا کوی بھی اپنا پسندیدہ پروگرام لے کر اُسے بار بار دیکھیں حتی کہ آپ کو سب کچھ سمجھ آنے لگے کم از کم 25 مرتبہ پھر دوسری کیسٹ اور پھر تیسری کیسٹ
    بس آپ کو انگریزی آگی سمجھیں
    چھ کیسٹس کے بعد آپ بہترین بولنے اور سمجھنے لگیں گے​
    آزمایش شرط ہے
  11. sub

    sub New Member

    thanx for sharing
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