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    Uth Offer
    Webspace: Unlimited
    Bandwidth: Unlimited
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    FTP Accounts: Unlimited
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    Databases: Unlimited
    Emails: Unlimited

    1200/ /yearly

    $ 1.99/ Month Only Urdu Pages Members

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    بہت خوب، اچھی ہے، شکریہ
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    bhai ap ny jo incompart ki link di ha wo scame ha aur profit clicking ma without invest k 25 din ma 1$ bnta ha
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    malumat dany ka shukria
    thank you link dany ka
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    Yes I am agree with you. Actual we did not work on Education in Pakistan. Our rate of literacy is very low. We produced only population, which need to be controlled by the Government. But there are some Elements who do not want to control population.
    1- Fuederal (jageer Dar). They need more population to work for them on Cheap Rates.

    2.- Industrialist . They are also need cheap Manpower

    3.- Religious People : They also need people to take admission in their Madrasas and increase their ??

    We must control the Population so that our people will not go to abroad they must work in Pakistan. But not possible in the present of the above minds
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    آپ نے اپنی سائیٹ پر بہت اچھی معلومات مہیا کی ہیں۔ جناب یہ اے ڈی ایف کا ایڈ بار بار کیسے ایک ہی پیج پر ری ڈائیرکٹ ہوجاتا ہے، کچھ بتا سکیں گے کیا؟
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    nice sharing. keep it up
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