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Discussion in 'Dictionary' started by chjakhan, Oct 6, 2004.

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    g bhayee ZUbair ye donon input devices hain
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    for all of you
    hard disk , floppy disk
    yeh dono storage devices haan na key input devices

    ager app kehtay haan key app in ko laga ker data apni hard disk per muntakil ker saktey haan to yeh
    to sirf data transfer hay from one disk to another

    ager app mouse and key board ko , cameray ko dekhian to app ko pata ho ga key yeh kud kuch store ker kay naeen raktay bulkey

    user key command per ik action generate kertay haan , jo key app key processor tak pohancta hay and wo us ko manuplate kerta hay

    so plz don't mix storage devices and input devices
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    lovely sharing dear, bahoot he achay tareekay say sumjaya hian aap nay. Thanks :)

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