Islamic Pictures Gallery (Part-1)

Discussion in 'Islam' started by hanif786, Dec 15, 2003.

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  1. hanif786

    hanif786 New Member

    Islamic Photos


  2. hanif786

    hanif786 New Member

    A Mosque In Malaysia

    This Is A Pictures Of Beautiful Mosque Located In Malaysia .

    A Mosque in Malaysia.jpg
  3. pakistani

    pakistani New Member

    bohat khoob ! yeh silsila jari rakhan !!!
  4. hanif786

    hanif786 New Member

    A Picture Of Madina

    :) Here Is Your Friend Again With A Beautiful Picture Of Madina :)

  5. hanif786

    hanif786 New Member

    A Beautiful View Of Hajj

    A Beautful View Of Hajj In Makkah

  6. Computerlearner

    Computerlearner New Member

    very good pictures.
    yai aik achi koshish hai.
  7. hanif786

    hanif786 New Member

    Here Is The Picture Of Allah Name

    A Picture Of Allah Name Written With Flowers

  8. zindgee

    zindgee Well-Known Member

    Mash Allah Haneef bhai aap nay Rooh ko taza karney wali pic post ki hay Allah aap ko salamat rakhay Ameen:cool:
  9. Faheem

    Faheem New Member

    bohat hi achi pics hain hanif bhai .. abb kuch daroode pak bhi ho jaye to kia khyal hai

  10. hanif786

    hanif786 New Member

    One More Picture

    Name Of Allah Written With Butterflies

  11. hanif786

    hanif786 New Member

    A Beautiful View Of Madina


  12. barlas

    barlas New Member

    Subhan-Allah! buhat achi pics share kee hain aap ne, iss silsile ko jari rakhien...
  13. hanif786

    hanif786 New Member


    Thx Barlas
  14. hanif786

    hanif786 New Member

    99 Names Of Almighty Allah


    Names Of Allah.JPG
  15. Arslan Hamid

    Arslan Hamid New Member

    Qoum-e-Aad ki Tasveer(?)

    Recently, Saudi Arabia mein aik jagah par oil exploration ke douran aik dhancha milla hai jo Qur'an ke mutabiq Qoum-e-Aad ke kissi fard ka ho sakta hai:
    Recently gas exploration is going in the desert of south east region
    >of Saudi Arabia. This desert region is called Empty Quarter means in
    >Arabic "RAB - UL - KHAALEE". A body has been found there by Aramco
    >exploration team.
    >This reminds us what Allah (SWT) said in Quran about the people of
    >Aaad Nation, and Hood Nation.
    >They were so tall, wide and very power full that they were able to
    >pull out big trees just with one hand. But what happened after when
    >they become Cruel and anti of Allah, Allah (ST) destroyed them.
    >Ulema Kiram of Saudi Arabia believe that this body belongs to Aaad
    >Saudi military took over this whole area and nobody is allowed to go
    >there except Saudi Aramco personnel. Saudi government kept it very
    >secret but some military helicopters took pictures from air.

  16. Arslan Hamid

    Arslan Hamid New Member

  17. big boss

    big boss New Member

    Thanks 4 Sharing
  18. zaalim

    zaalim Premium Member

    kaheen yeh photoshop ka kamaal to nahin?
  19. big boss

    big boss New Member

    pata nahin ?
  20. me here

    me here New Member

    nice info.....thx 4 sharing!!!
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