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    Assalam o Allikum

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    yae kub say shoro hay is ki pehaeli qist khaan hay
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    adnan bhai bahoot umdaa or detail se lekha or samjhaya he nice sharing
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    Ye kuch tough hai
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    shukriya Adnan bhai, drasal main ne UrduPages.Com kuch din pehle join ki hai, aor quickly MS Word k course ko download kar raha hoon. Main ne MS Word ko UP se seekhna shuru kar diya hai. Yeh waqai ek acha silsla shuru kiya hai UP ne. Aap ka bhi bohat shukriya k aap itni mehnat se itne achay kaam ko kar rahe hain. Allah aap ko jaza-e-khair de. Aameen.
    thanxx again.
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    AssalamuAlikum Bhai Bht Bht Shokriyah ap k itne ache lec. ka
    omeed hia Ainda b Likhte Rahen ge
    Thanks soo Much

    A cocky Department of Agriculture representative stopped at a farm and talked with the old farmer;

    "I need to inspect your farm."

    The old farmer said: "OK, but you better not go in that field."

    In a wise-arse tone the Ag. Representative said, "I have the authority of the U. S. Government with me. See this card..?"

    He stuck a plastic-coated card in the farmer's face.

    "This card says I can go wherever I want to on agricultural land."

    The old farmer shrugged and went about his farm chores. Later, he heard loud screams and saw the Department of Agriculture rep running for the fence.

    Close behind was the farmer's prize bull, Geronimo.

    Geronimo was madder than a nest full of hornets and he was gaining on the Ag Rep with every angry snort.

    The farmer shouted, "Show him your card !"

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    Buhat he kamal ka silsila hai buhat kuch seekh raha haun

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