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Discussion in 'Articles' started by mansoorkkn, Aug 26, 2004.

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    As-salam-o-alaikum Brothers,
    Mansoor bahai i think it is reminder. Nice information about "Download Accelerator". i really don't know about it although my friends talk about it but i think it is useless. but they never talk about its advantages. like complete connection to web site on disconnection and help to complete it when net is connected. Thanks Brother
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    Zabardast mansoor bhai Kamal kiya hai bohot Acha Article likha hai meray ilam main too izafa hoo gaya hai Ub daikhtay hain k Baki members kiya kartay hain
  5. Ali Javed

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    As-salam-o-Alaikum Brothers,
    but Mansoor Bahai i want to tell u something about MS OutLook that it never works in great command when u gave it ur passwords. i know it is much difficult for it to re-direct but this software has to do this with efficiectly but i can't do that. And the concerning issue is our net speed because of our slower net speed MS OutLook don't work well. otherwise i don't have doubt in its ability and utility.
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    Shukria yar.
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    wahhhhhhhhhh keep doing it brother
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    yaaaar tusi tey kamal da artcle likha wey
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    mashalla app kay artical buhat zaida acchay hoottay hay
    thanks 4 sharing
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    baray kamal k GUR hain YAar:)
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    kafee achchee info hain
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    Thanks 4 Sharing
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    nice article thanks for sharing
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    Tusi Great OO Paa Ji...
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    Mansoor bhai app aik Great poster haiN

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