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Discussion in 'Networking' started by farooqrashid, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. farooqrashid

    farooqrashid Moderator

  2. bilalahmed

    bilalahmed New Member

    Very Good farooq is reaiiy a good work with nice Pictures.
  3. myfearheart

    myfearheart New Member

    good i will wait for next
  4. kmazizi

    kmazizi Premium Member

    nice informations on Net Working Farooq bhai weldone our jari rakheen net workin key silsaley ko.
  5. badman

    badman New Member

  6. life_my_life

    life_my_life New Member

    Its a good idea, regarding motivation / learning of newly IT concerned students. Therefore, all readers of this message please save it in your personal folder and forward to other friends, due to this type of lectures will be delivered time to time.

    Sorry for English, this is my first message and i m newly partner of urdupages. Plz if u mind ignore and i will also deliver the lectures about IT. I hope all user will like to save this message. FEE AMAN ALLAH
  7. asad786

    asad786 New Member

    buhat achi farooq bhai...
  8. abdullah_mcs

    abdullah_mcs New Member

    Well effort and easy to understand by everyone
  9. farooqrashid

    farooqrashid Moderator

    Thanks Bilal bhai:).
  10. farooqrashid

    farooqrashid Moderator

    Insha Allah aap ko ziada wait nahi karna parey ga:)
    Thanks for comments.
  11. farooqrashid

    farooqrashid Moderator

    Thanks a lot brother:)
  12. pasha4all

    pasha4all Well-Known Member

    Farooq bai app nay bahut acha silsila shoro kia hai.agli kist ka intizar rahay ga.
  13. farooqrashid

    farooqrashid Moderator

    BADMAN bhai thanks for comments:)
  14. farooqrashid

    farooqrashid Moderator

    WELCOME on
    Omeed hey k aap yahaN urdu mey share karaiN gey aur hamaiN bohat kuch seekhney ko miley ga.
    Thanks for comments brother:)
  15. farooqrashid

    farooqrashid Moderator

    Thanks Asad bhai:)
  16. farooqrashid

    farooqrashid Moderator

    Thanks for comments sir Abdullah :)
    Mujhey omeed hey k aap sey ham sab ko bohat kuch seekhney ko miley ga.:)
    WELCOME on
  17. WorThless

    WorThless Premium Member

    Asslam O Alaikum,
    oh kya baat hai ji kya baat hai sadey peer ji tey networking eng ban gaye kya baatan nai tadeyan excellent sharing jeetey rahyeh khush rahyeh sada abad rahyeh
  18. farooqrashid

    farooqrashid Moderator

    Thanks for comments brother:)
  19. farooqrashid

    farooqrashid Moderator

    walekum salam :)
    Mureed ji aieN hamarey ghar mey khuda ki qudrat hey.
    Kabhi ham on ko.......aur phir on ko....aur phir onn ko hi dekhtey heN:)
    Thanks Awais pa ji for comments.:)
  20. YAARAM

    YAARAM New Member

    MamooN aap ne Networking pe likh kar humari mushkil ko asan kya hia is ke bohat thanx

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