Qadiyaniat, Mirzaiyat, Ahmediat Kia Hey?

Discussion in 'Islam' started by drsager, Dec 31, 2003.

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  1. drsager

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    My dear Muslims brothers and sisters

    Assalam-o-Alaikum: Although the christian year is not our Islamic year but since it has become normal for Muslims too that they are using this calendar I wish you all Happy New Year and pray to Allah (swt) to keep us on the right path which would insha Allah lead us to paradise. It is the need of the day very specially for all those Muslims who are not living in Muslim countries that they should teach their youngsters about Islam so that nobody could deceive them. Although I do write articles time to time but this is my very first posting for Urdupages so I would appreciate to know if you liked or disliked my posting which is about Qadiyaniat, Mirzaiat, Ahmediat etc. The people belonging to this cult are misleading us Muslims and many innocent Muslims fall into their traps because they lack knowledge about this cult. I am sure after reading my article those of you who dont know about this cult would have at least basic knowledge about them. Please feel free to have a word with me if you like. Jazak Allah.

    Prof. Dr. Khalid Rashid Sager, Sydney, Australia.





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  5. shaammee316

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    bohot he ashay

    bilkul sehi fermaia aap jo ye jo merai loog hian ye k b b bekhshy na jaian gy.
    bohot ashi posts ki hain aap ny ALLAH app ko is ka ajer dy.

    Rehman Mughal
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  6. zindgee

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    Real Post by Drsagar

  7. zindgee

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  8. me here

    me here New Member

    ap ne buhat acchi post ki hai ise tarah acchi acchi post hamare sath share kijiye buhat shukerya ap ka
  9. drsager

    drsager New Member

  10. Khan Karachi Wala

    Khan Karachi Wala New Member

    aap nay aik bhot ahamm subject per hum sub ko mutwaja kia hay, Allah aap ko Jazay Khair dey, Ameen.
  11. Admin

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    Drsager Hum Urdupages ki team ki janib se aapko khushamdead kehte hain. Hamain umeed hai keh aap ki tehreeron se istefada hasil kerte rehen gea.
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  14. Umer KhattaB

    Umer KhattaB New Member

    Salam ,

    Mr Qadyani , Agar Baat Suboot aur Dalaiel Say Karna Nahi Atti jo App ki Purii Qoom Kay Pass Hian bhi Nahi to Yahan Annay ki Zarorat hi nahi thi is Tarha..

    App Nay Kaha Qadyani Eik Mohazab Qoom Hai Per App Kay Andaz-e-Biyan Say App Nay apni QooM Ko Mazeed Ghatya Sabit Ker Diya Hai....

    Was SaLam,
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  15. israr_ahmad

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  16. israr_ahmad

    israr_ahmad New Member

    Merae khenaey ka maqsad yeh haey kae hum logo ko kia ho kia hae kae qadianio ki jan kay pechae parh kay hay . aakhir hum log 124,000 nabio par iman latey hay akar qadiani aek aur nabi ka
    is may izafaa kar dhaey to kon sey qiamat aa jay ki. qadiani to
    genius par genius paedha kar re hay hay aur hum log aap jesey
  17. israr_ahmad

    israr_ahmad New Member

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