Relationships -- Lesson 2

Discussion in 'Oracle' started by mwalam, Jan 3, 2007.

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    oracle in urdu




  2. mwalam

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  3. smile4u

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    I like Oracal , thanks you

    Dear Waqas Shahib
    Thanks you very much for sharing oracal Data base

    I like the lesson

    Thanks you for sharing

    Very good

    Thanks you again

    Rana Naeem

    Ps : i shall see u tomarrow
    I am in hurry
  4. smile4u

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    Please tell me the download link for oracal

    or tell me oracal version so i purchase cd from Market

    Thanks you

    rana naeem
  5. b_a_memon

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  6. majid786

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    Oracle ka kon sa vision acha hai
  7. TariqRaheel

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    Thanks waqas bhai
  8. some1_forget

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    very nice.....sara thread offline read ker k reply keronga.....
    Ipad Accessories
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    very nice....
  10. i_close2you

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    بہت عمدہ طریقہ ہے آپ کا
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    bohat khoob,waqas bahi
  12. friendnaseer4u

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  13. Syed Mahmood Shah

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    I just download oracle designer 6i from the internet and install it properly.
    but when i tried to logon did not accept the user name and password as

    kindly advise me how to logon into sql 8 or designer 6i

  14. mwalam

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    sorry I do not know. maney kabhi oracle designer use nahi kia. aur maney oracle 9i or 10g per kaam kia hai.
  15. Ali Azmat

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    Great sharing.
    Hope to continue.
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    good work
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    Salams :
    agar kisi ko pata ho to computre ki book PDF ki file he to plz meri id par bhejo :
  20. milyas787

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    nice sharing about relationships.

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