Visual Basic 6 :: Chapter 00 Introduction

Discussion in 'Free Courses' started by Muhammad Bilal Shafi, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. This Is The First Chapter of my course I m Sure u will appreciate This...

  2. turab ali

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    Good Bhai Jaan.... Keep it up...We are with you.... :):)
  3. I am countinueing it in some days

    My Papers are going in these days when they ll be complete i will post new chapter of this tutorial :)
  4. e-xperts

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    Ok Nice
  5. Thanks A Lot

    e-experts thanks alot
  6. turab ali

    turab ali New Member

    Ok Jee Thanks
  7. Do not worry

    Do not worry i m starting it after some dayz
  8. I Will Start Chapter 1 Tomorrow or Persoon
  9. محمداسد

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    Very Nice Job Muhammad Bilal bhai... but I want to suggest on thing that you must add UrduPages logo in background of your Tutorials images... Thanks...
  10. Thanks

    Thanks for ur sugggession.:) :) :) :)
  11. Band_Bros47

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    ap na bohat he acha program start kiya ha lekin bhae jaan ajkal to *** net ka zamana ha aur yeh to 6.0 ha lekin koe baat nahi i appriciate kiyn k 6.0 say he basic concepts clear honay men maddad milay gi......keep it up Brother
  12. Piaray bror47 ap ki suggession ka bohot thanx. Asal main main nay VB 6 ka course isliay strt kia ha kiun VB .NET new users k liay mushkil hay jab k vb 6 bohot sada aur asan hay. Is course k pora ho jane k bad man insha'ALLAH .NET pr b course banaon ga. Dua karain.
  13. aansootear

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    hmmmm good
  14. Fani

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    Boohat Khoob
    Wasay Mujhko Vb 6.0 Ati Hai
  15. Band_Bros47

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    hamari duaen ap k sath hen ap course jaldi start karein......
  16. ok, i m starting it
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  19. Ok

    Chalo Yar ap kehtay ho to main shuru kr hi daita hon...
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