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    good info for me, mujhe pehle ye sab nahi pata tha
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    Thank you Brother ,
    Ap ne bohat malomati thread bheja hey
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    Bahut Khub

    bahut bahut shukreya
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    Thanx fr this useful sharing :)
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    very nice
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    nice sharing dude...keep it up....very informative
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    bohat achi Malomat hean
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    بہت خوب جناب
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    ثاقب بھائی بہت آچھی انفارمیشن شیئر کیا ہے
    آپ کے لاجواب شیئرنگ کا انتںار رہے گا شکری
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    nice thread bhai jan
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    you shared a very informative thread... thanks for that..
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    Great sharing bhai
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    zaberdassttttttttttttt :)
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    Sir, how is your today?
    This is very good tutorial.My question is that If we have to download any bittorrent software by internet download manager please tell me detail abd send informatiopn on my email address rajashakeel86@yahoo.com my contact number is +923334201690
    I shall wait your reply
    Raja Jameel
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    Nice info...
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    Excellent Info
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